WEST CHESTER (April 25, 2022) – Students and young people at the Coatesville Youth Initiative (CYI) have access to new laptops and technology thanks to the work of state Senator Carolyn Comitta.

Comitta secured $25,000 in state funding for the nonprofit community organization to expand its computer lab with 25 new laptop computers and improved Wi-Fi technology. The upgrades will help ensure that students can study and complete their homework in a safe and productive learning environment.

“As all aspects of our lives become increasingly reliant on technology, it’s important that we keep working to bridge the digital divide so that every child in every community has access to the tools they need to succeed and thrive,” Comitta, who serves on the Senate Education Committee, said. “I am glad to secure this grant to the Coatesville Youth Initiative to ensure students’ success and open up new opportunities for younger residents in Coatesville.”

CYI anticipates that nearly 300 Coatesville area residents will use the new technology annually.

“CYI is excited about our newest youth and community resource, The CYI Learning Center, which is a space designed to provide youth and families with access to free laptops, high-speed Wi-Fi, education programs/software, tutors, and other engaging academic supporting activities,” said Jarvis Berry executive director of CYI. “We are grateful to the Department of Education, Senator Comitta, and the Coatesville Area School District for their support in making our dream a reality. We plan to reach hundreds of youth through the Center.”

Since its inception in 2008, CYI has been engaging with young Coatesville area residents to ensure their success both in and out of school. The organization offers a variety of programming including after-school programs, leadership training, and substance use prevention efforts.

“Being a youth-led organization, we listened when our young people told us about their need for less formal spaces, with high-speed Internet, and the use of state-of-the-art computers and programming,” said Jennifer McNeil, board president of CYI. board president of CYI. “We are providing a safe and friendly space for our youth and families, as we are committed to showing what is possible when we make youth our priority. We are blessed and inspired to have the unwavering support of Senator Comitta, the Coatesville Area School District, and the Department of Education.”

For more information on the Coatesville Youth Initiative visit their website: coatesvilleyouthinitiative.org