Harrisburg, PA (April 27, 2023) – Josh and Zach Stehle, two autism acceptance advocates from Downingtown, were recently invited to the Pennsylvania state capitol as guests of state Senator Carolyn Comitta. 

The brothers joined Comitta to celebrate April as Autism Acceptance Month.  

“Through their advocacy, Josh and Zach are helping create a culture of understanding and acceptance for people with autism,” Comitta said. “It is my pleasure to welcome the Stehle brothers to the Capitol to share their positive message of hope and inclusion.” 

Zach, who is autistic, became an internet sensation on TikTok with his vast knowledge of superhero and comic book trivia. The brothers’ account (@thestehle.bros) has over 92,000 followers and videos of people trying to stump Zach’s superhero knowledge have amassed over 3.4 million likes. 

The brothers have used their platform to shine a light on autism spectrum disorder and the value people with autism have in our communities, schools, and workplaces.  

Josh, a student at West Chester University, recently published his first book, “I am a Superhero Expert: Growing Up with My Autistic Brother.” 

“We hope to spread a message to take a step back and understand that everybody has challenges, everybody has strengths, and that is what makes everyone who they are,” he said.  

In addition to supporting increased investments in special education and services for people with autism, Comitta has introduced legislation to help ensure that Direct Support Professionals are properly compensated for their important work in supporting individuals in the autism community.