State Senator Carolyn Comitta today released the following statement upon the conviction of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd:

“My thoughts continue to be with the family and friends of George Floyd. I hope that this verdict brings some sense of peace to them, but we know it won’t bring back George Floyd.
While our court system may have worked in holding former Officer Derek Chauvin accountable, our criminal justice system did not – it failed George Floyd in the most egregious and brutal way possible. It failed him as it failed and continues to fail people of color in communities across our nation.
While this portion of the trial may be over, the struggle against systemic racism in our public institutions continues. It continues in every community across America as we work to root out racism, discrimination, bigotry, and hate-based violence.
George Floyd’s murder pushed many people to reflect more deeply on racism and the role it continues to play in our society and our public institutions. I hope that trend continues to grow. I hope we remain engaged, involved, and informed in the ongoing struggle for equality. And I hope voters continue to turn out in record numbers in every election.
Speak your mind. Vote your conscience. Your vote is your voice. The path to positive change – equality, justice, and opportunity – for all Americans begins at the ballot box.”