West Chester, Pa. (June 24, 2022) — State Senator Carolyn Comitta issued the following statement today in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade, jeopardizing access to reproductive rights, vital women’s healthcare, and abortions for women across the nation:

“To say I am disappointed in this decision would be a tremendous understatement. This ruling from the Supreme Court is a blatant attack on the personal freedoms, reproductive rights, and access to healthcare of women across the nation.

Abortion is healthcare. Decisions women make about their own bodies should only be between them and their doctors.


Today’s ruling will stand as an organizing call to redouble our efforts to protect reproductive rights and access to vital women’s healthcare in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. And that includes electing leaders who are on the right side of reproductive justice, public opinion, and history.

We can march, peacefully protest, advocate, and lobby, but I also strongly encourage everyone to vote in every election to ensure our voices are heard when it comes to reproductive rights and abortion rights.”