West Chester, PA (April 10, 2023) — State Senator Carolyn Comitta issued the following statement in advance of the upcoming Willistown Township Board of Supervisors meeting on the potential sale of the Willistown Public Sewer System (WPSS):

“On Friday, the Willistown Township Board of Supervisors is holding a special public meeting to discuss and consider action regarding the Asset Purchase Agreement with Aqua Pennsylvania Wastewater, Inc. which involves the sale of the Willistown Public Sewer System (WPSS)

I appreciate the supervisors calling this meeting so that residents and ratepayers can continue to express their views and voice their questions and concerns regarding the sale.

My office has been contacted by numerous residents opposed to this sale (as well as those impacted by the sales or potential sales of other municipal systems in our region). As a result of those conversations, it is clear that meaningful reform of Act 12 of 2016 is needed and I am introducing a package of legislation aimed at doing just that.

In addition, there are legislative proposals to repeal Act 12. While I believe reforming the existing statute is a more feasible path forward, I am open to and supportive of repealing it entirely should that opportunity arise sooner.

The bottom line is water and wastewater service is a basic necessity for all and customers and ratepayers deserve immediate relief from the consequences of Act 12.

In addition, while tomorrow’s decision rests with the board of supervisors, I also strongly believe ratepayers deserve to have a say in the future of their municipal water and wastewater systems. And that is also why I support legislation to establish a Water Ratepayer Bill of Rights.

Again, while the decision rests with the board of supervisors, I hope that residents’ concerns are heard. I also want to note that the vast and overwhelming majority of residents who have contacted my office are opposed to the sale.”